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Tokyo Disneyland's The Enchanted Tiki Room scripts and quotes

English scripts and quotes of Tokyo Disneyland's attraction "The Enchanted Tiki Room: Stitch Presents Aloha e Komo Mai!". These are translated from this Japanese scripts.


Cast:Aloha! I'd like to introduce four wonderful birds with amazing voices. Came from Hawaii, "Birds of Paradise"! Introducing "Manu"!

Manu:Aloha Aloha e'


Mahina:Amaike Aloha e'

Cast:Waha Nui

Waha Nui:Aloha Aloha e'

Cast:And, Hau'oli!

Hau'oli:Amaike Aloha e' Ahinue Kehemai, welcome to The Enchanted Tiki Room!

There's no place I'd rather be, then on my surfboard out at sea

Lingering in the ocean blue, and If I had one wish come true

I'd surf till the sun sets, beyond the horizons

A wiki wiki mai lohi lohi Lawe mai I ko papa he'e nalu

Flyin by on the Hawaiian roller coaster ride!

Waha Nui:Hey! Who turned off the light!

Mahina:What i shappening?

Hau'oli:Calm down, everyone!

Manu:Where's th eswitch!?

Hau'oli:Look! SOmething is painted on the windows!

Waha Nui:What is that? Is it pretented as a dog?

Hau'oli:This painting...might be done by gods of Tiki.

Manu:Then, that doggy is Big Kahuna!

Mahina:Big Kahuna?

Manu:He's the leader of gods of Tiki! If we get mad Big Kahuna, We have no idea what will happens next!

Mahina:Don't worry Manu, look! Aloha E Komomai, that means "Hello" and "Welcome"!

Hau'oli:Interesting. The next song's titile is Aloha E Komomai too!

Manu:How did he find it out?

Mahina:Well, gods of Tiki might see anythiing?

I lai la Ua i la No mala hini ohana Welcome cousins, e komo mai Aloha e komo mai

Mahina:Oh when you're down, you're feeling low Got nobody by your side It can be lonely and you want to only Find a place, no need to hide Just lay back you'll fit right in You can make it all come true 'Cause there's always hope inside And hope will see you through

Waha Nui:Everybody!

Mahina:I lai la Ua i la No mala hini ohana Welcome cousins, e komo mai Aloha e komo mai

Hau'oli:Well, it seems gods of Tiki really liked our song.

Waha Nui:Haha, they look like a stupid gods!

Manu:Stop, Waha Nui! Don't say anything that leads to mad Big Kahuna!

Waha Nui:Don't worry, Manu! It's Kahuna Matata! Now, let's enjoy with this song now! C'mon Ladies!

Hau'oli:Calm down, Waha Nui.

Waha Nui:Calm down!? It's ruining our song!

Mahina:Yeah, but...

Manu:It would be bad if Big Kahuna got mad!

Waha Nui:What could be bad! Now, look! Hey! Stop it! Enough! See? Big Kahuna is nothing for us!

Hau'oli:That suprising noise made my hair exit!

Mahina:Are you OK, Waha Nui?

Waha Nui:Yeah, I thought I produced eggs because of that sound.

Manu:Now you found out that it's bad to made Big Kahuna mad!

Waha Nui:Well then, now it's your turn.

Manu:Okay, here we go. This song features my cuties that I met at the beac of Waikiki!Please welcome, "Wing Wahine"!

Oneka Fuwa Wiki Wiki The ove is starting At the beach of Waikiki, the place where we met

Hau'oli:Cuties! What's that blue thing on your head!

Wing Wahine:Can't you see?  It's ears! Blue tiny one put on!

Waha Nui:She said blue tiny one! It doesn't seem like Big Kahuna, huh?

Manu:Cuties, don't be mad. Well, it might be worse than just ears!

Wing Wahine:What do you mean?

Manu:Ah, hey! You might be blue from top to tail!

Wing Wahine:Oh! That's enough! I'm leaving!

Manu:Hey, wait! Won't you sing with me till the last part?

Wing Wahine:Not until that blue tiny one left! Maybe next time, we'll be at Waikiki.

Mahina:Well, now what do you do Manu?

Manu:If only I could go to the beach of Waikiki...

Waha Nui:That's enough! Who is playing prank on us! Come out!

?:I am not playig pranks.

Manu:Oh,boy! Finally Big Kahuna got mad at us!

Hau'oli:Wh, wh, who are you!

?:Everyone's singing. Me, singing too. Enchanted, Tiki Tiki room. I am Big Kahuna!

Hau'oli:Big Kahuna, itis you...

Stitch:No! I'm Stitch!

Waha Nui:Stitch!? Why are you ruining our show!

Stitch:Stitch, want to be in the show!

Mahina:Then, you should tell us in the first place,Stitch.

Stitch:That's boring

Hau'oli:Hey, Stitch. If I said we'll get you in the show, you won't play pranks on us?

Stitch:Stitch, will be GOOD in the show. Can I be in the show?

Guest:Of course!

Stitch:Okay! Tooki ba waba!

Now you can see, tookie ba waba, nothing but these clear blue skies

Love it has found you, and when it surrounds you. It's just like paradise!

Now the door has swung wide open, now your heart has taken wings

Feel that magic in the air, oh hear your spirit sing

Stitch:Stitch, I'm with friend, happy!

Mahina:Oh, Stitch. We're also happy to sing with you!

Stitch:Are you my Ohana?

Manu:Ohana means family. Guys, do you wanna be Ohana of Stitch?


Mahina:We're all wanna be your Ohana.

Waha Nui:Only if you're GOOD, huh?

Stitch:Stitch, happy!

Iki tooki nee ha Aka tiki baba Gaba ika tasooba Oocha Chika Miki miki coconut!

I lai la Ua i la No mala hini ohana Welcome cousins, e komo mai Aloha e komo mai

Stitch:Icky icky bo bo

Aloha e komo mai

Stitch:Tooki ba waba!

Aloha e komo mai

Stitch:We're all Ohana!

Hau'oli:Well, did you guys enjoy our show?

Mahina:Hope to see you soon!

Manu:Thanks for coming everyone!

Waha Nui:Anyway Manu, now it's clear that such Big Kahuna doesn't exist.

Hau'oli:And also, don't go against with tiny blue doggy.

Waha Nui:Huh, that tiny blue one is nothing! Wait, what's happening!

Mahina:What's wrong, Waha Nui?

Waha Nui:My, legs are stucked by a glue with a branch!

Hau'oli:Wait, who on the earth do that?